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My first studio was in a derelict building in the Ottawa Valley that had been unoccupied for almost 100 years. Being an adventurous soul and believing I could bring any back building back from the brink of extinction, I jumped into the project of restoring Lindsay’s General Store in the Village of White Lake, Ontario. The Lindsay family immigrated from Scotland and built their general store in 1881. Unfortunately the Lindsay family did not survive the Scarlett Fever epidemic of 1891. Having no heirs or immediate family, the property was left to the local Orangemen’s Lodge. In their clandestine fashion the Orangemen promptly boarded up the storefront, masking all of it’s charm. Fast forward to 1981...


Being a young artist, at 21 years old, I had no money, but somehow managed to buy the property in 1981 and promptly set out to restore it, and the next spring opened up my first pottery studio and showroom, exactly 100 years after it’s first opening. I’ve since had a several different studio spaces, but never one that I felt so comfortable and at home in. It was known as the “Old Orangemen’s Lodge” when I lived in the area its now known as the “Old Pottery Place”. The restored general store is a jewel in the centre of that small village, and speaks to the pride townsfolk take in their built heritage and I am proud to have saved that old building. 

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High Fire Pottery. White Lake, Ontario. Spring of 1982


High Fire Pottery. White Lake, Ontario. Summer, 1992