The Works, by Douglas Bamford.  August 10 - September 1 2017
"In terms of the work in this show, something I’m most excited about now comes from observing the built material world in Lunenburg—fish hooks become a motif, and propellers... decoy ducks become expressive characters—I’m looking forward to this direction of assimilating my neighbourhood in my work. It’s made a big impression." -Douglas Bamford, excerpt from The Coast July 29/17.  CLICK HERE to read more.

THE WORKS poster .jpg

ASTROPLANE, by Amy Funk. May 14 - May 27 2017
"Each painting interprets a scene from the inside of my mind, and together form a narrative of images that suggest an interwoven relationship. They are correlating stories that illustrate emotions and conditions that are best expressed visually," said Funk in her artist's statement. - excerpt from Funk's interview in Lighthouse Now, May 17/17.  CLICK HERE for more.

astroplane amy funk 2016.jpg

RUN YOURSELF TO DEATH, by Anna Bald. November 25 - December 16 2017. 

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INVENTING APPEARANCES, by Corey J. Isenor. May 20 - June 10 2017.


NEW WORKS, by Julia Rigby, Laura Jean Forrester, Audrey Hutchison. November 14 - November 30 2017.