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I found an old property in the North End of Halifax, in 2000 The old house was very run down but I could see potential in ite lines, but most important it was affordable for an artist to purchase. The needed extensive renovation. 5664 Harris Street was built as working-class row housing in 1896.The building was stripped of the decorative detail in the early 60’s, and entirely covered in bland grey cement tiles popular at the time. We completely gutted the inside, new plumbing, wiring, insulation and windows replaced the aging originals. I worked out a decorative order for all the gingerbread detailing, including new shingles and a new colour scheme. 

After several years of hard work, 5664 emerged as one of the more stately houses in the neighbourhood. One of the aspects of doing this work on Harris Street was my realization that not only did I love the process of building, but that I also loved the process of mentoring young students in the ways of building. Scores of young art students worked with me over the years, and it became a rich environment of skills exchange and learning, keeping in mind the goal of making it the "most beautiful house on the street." Today 5664 is exactly that.

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